McEllister Shearing have engaged Typing and Bookkeeping Services to provide a systematic approach to keeping our records. Kerry’s assistance has improved our office efficiency.  Most of our service requirement is in our home for us, Kerry provides a flexible service delivery which suits us very well.

Eddie & Louise McEllister
McEllister Shearing

Typing and Bookkeeping Services were fantastic in helping organise my business’ admin/financial matters. Kerry’s assistance was highly appreciated, as it took a huge weight off my shoulders and freed me up to focus on my day-to-day work.

Stan Samulkiewicz
Narrogin Joinery

Kerry is one of the most thorough, competent and diligent book keepers I have ever had the privilege of working with.  Kerry’s attention to detail is second to none and her management/cashbook reports produced are always comprehensive, well documented and presented in a professional manner. Kerry comes highly recommended and is a pleasure to deal with.

Dale Abbott CA
McWhirter & Leong Pty

Typing and Bookkeeping is an important business tool for my consulting enterprise running the admin needs which frees me from the office to focus on external project work and customer interface.

David McFall
Temple Farm Trading Company Pty Ltd

I received your work the other day and, as always, it was well-prepared, accurate and concise. Thanks so much for being so quick and reliable — if you ever need a job, I would be happy to take you on anytime.

Mark Fenton
Laidbury Services Pty Ltd

Kerry helped sort out the finances for our contracting business, and established a streamlined process for managing our financial data, taxation etc. Thank you for all your help, Kerry!

John & Pat McDougall
Jindalee Contracting

When I first contacted Kerry to advise and assist me in setting up my new bookkeeping software to better manage our financial affairs, Kerry was very friendly and instantly ready to help and guide me in the right direction. Her expert knowledge and willingness to help then, and now doing my bank reconciliations, has been an integral part in the success of implementing our new program. Her networking with my accountant has been an absolute blessing too! I am thoroughly grateful as well, for her efforts and knowledge she has passed on to improve my skills as an account/business manager!!  I hope this testimonial serves Kerry well as she is an asset to our business!! Thanks to Kerry our accounts are organised and we have no hesitation in recommending Kerry to other businesses, family and friends! 

Tara Green
Dumbleyung Engineering Supplies

In the time that I have worked with Kerry I have found her to be a real pleasure to deal with.  A bookkeeper that operates with the best interests of the client at heart.

Byron Mavrick CA
Coote Lawty CPA

I can fully recommend Kerry for all bookkeeping as she handled my business for many years (and would still be doing it if I had not recently retired). BAS was always correct and on time; the accountant was always appreciative of the exact layout of the accounts which made life easy for him.

Michael Price
Glenhale Electrical Mechanical Services

We’ve been really happy with Kerry. We were getting more disorganised as time went on, but with Kerry now on board the office is already more efficient. Thanks Kerry.

John & Doreen Patmore
Whitford Fertilisers Narrogin

Having known Kerry for (literally) as long as I can remember, I can confidently attest to her passion and dedication towards typing and keeping books. If she’s not taking a well-deserved break playing Candy Crush, she’s hard at work tapping keys and crunching numbers.

Glenn Bryant
Wooden Goods